How Technology Changes the World

We, humans, are fragile beings and without technology, we wouldn’t last a month in the wild, but because we rely on our brains rather than our physical strength is the reason why we’ve come so far.

In the beginning, we were like wild animals. We used what we could without manufacturing anything, and it didn’t get us anywhere because we are neither the strongest, the biggest, the fastest or the deadliest creatures on earth. But, we are the smartest. We’ve used our brains to manufacture tools and as we shaped the tools, the tools shaped us too. Early humans invented a hand ax, this big pointy thing which can be used for anything from hunting, gathering, fighting to manufacturing more axes.

human evolution

We quickly began relying on this tool, and we started using less and less our physical strength to overpower an opponent or kill an animal, we used our teeth a lot less and slowly they began to change. Evolution was shaping us based on our needs. We didn’t need an overwhelming strength or a hard biting force, so our teeth and jaw started to shrink. This made more room for the brain to evolve. As our brains evolved so did our intellect and we slowly began to realize what else we can do or make.

man with the axeThis began a revolution which exponentially grew as time went by. In the beginning, it was very slow, but now, it moves so fast you can’t even follow everything that is going on. In the past century, we’ve done more than we did for the past two thousand years. We’ve created everything so that it serves a purpose to us and we’ve gotten used to living this leisure life. You don’t even realize how much you have. If you went to the wild and tried to survive for a couple of days just by bringing an ax with you, only then would you understand how foreign nature is to us.

Now, how good technology is for us and when will it start being more hurtful than beneficial, we don’t know, but what we do know is that until today it’s the best thing about our species.

man with laptop

The aspect in which we all have to improve is moderation. If you have a car, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t walk anymore. If you like playing single player video games, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t socialize anymore. If we let ourselves become obsessed with the things we have, we will perish. Virtual reality is upon us. It will be one of the hardest things to resist. If we don’t use it in moderation, we will all become a two hundred kilogram fat slob who doesn’t leave an apartment and lives in a fairytale of his own choosing. Technology and progress can never harm us if we don’t harm ourselves with it.

Stay healthy, eat healthy, exercise and use everything at your disposal at the same time, only then will you be able to appreciate everything you have fully.